Kuro Sumi Ink

Kuro Sumi Ink Review

We highly recommend Kuro Sumi Ink for both beginners and experts alike. The ink goes in black as the night and refuses to fade to grey! It’s an easy to use great long lasting ink, that will leave your clients very happy!


Kuro Sumi Ink makes a very bold claim—they claim they are the very best outlining ink money can buy! Do they? Is Kuro Sumi really worth all the hype? For a lot of artists, Kuro Sumi is their go to black ink-—more often than not you’ll hear these artists swear by it. So let’s dive in and see just what Kuro Sumi Ink has to offer!


This is made specifically for outlining, meaning that it is black of course, but it’s not just black… It is black. By far some of the blackest ink, I have ever worked with. It is very dark, so word of caution from the wise, when using this ink do great work! As this would be a very difficult ink to cover up! It also does a very good job staying true to its color, in the long run, I’ve seen no fading to an ugly shade of grey with Kuro Sumi ink.

Grey wash

It’s can be a little difficult to make your own grey wash with, be careful when adding water, as it’s not a very thick ink to begin with. You may have to thicken it up for it to hold in your tip if you’re not careful. Kuro Sumi does offer a greywash specific ink that I would recommend over making it yourself with this ink.


The bottle is the only real downside to this ink. It’s not terrible, but next to the quality of ink, it contains it pales in comparison. The big issue is the bottle’s nozzle makes it a little difficult for the ink to flow out smoothly. You can circumvent this problem though by placing it in smaller easier to work with bottles that have better flow.

Tattooing With Kuro Sumi Ink

Kuro Sumi ink flows really well in your machine and the entire time I tested it didn’t clog up once. It flows and sticks in the skin really well too! The ink lasts for 2 years, but trust me you’ll love it so much you’ll fly right through it!


  • It’s as black as it gets
  • Color stays true and lasts long
  • Runs smooth
  • Affordable price


  • Its bottle is not very ideal
  • It’s a little on the thin side


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